by Betty Rhodes
The following story is an example of a message hidden within a story. The words of the story can be changed, the color of the flower petals changed, the location can be changed; but the hidden meaning will never change. For those who have ears let them hear what the story is telling them - first written on December 05, 2002.


    Thousands of years ago, there sprang up in the barren desert, a beautiful flower that had seven vibrant red petals, and a pure white center of six smaller petals. 
The bees and butterflies for miles around came during summer's glory to gather nectar from this beautiful desert flower. When the season was over, and the bloom had faded, many tiny seeds were left to find their way into the barren ground, and with the tiny seeds, the promise of life anew. However, the tiny seeds were at the mercy of the wind, which blew them many miles away from their dying mother plant. The seeds buried themselves in the sand on distant hillsides and valleys, where they awaited the early spring rains to bring them life and the promise of a more magnificent display than the year before.
    Every summer it was the same story, bees and butterflies visiting when the blooms were abundant, taking from the flowers all that they desire, and the seeds of which, each winter, blew further and further away from the location of the original plant.
       After hundreds and hundreds of years, the amazing red flowers were still blooming in a grand showing, and bees and butterflies from miles around still visited the spectacular flowers for the sweetest of nectar. The autumn winds each year continued to carry the precious seeds still further and further from the original location in the desert. There were times when the winds blew the seeds across country boundaries and even across the deep blue oceans. Sometimes the wind blew the seeds west, sometimes north, sometimes south and east; but the same beautiful red flowers with their fragrant petals and white centers, continued to bloom year after year in great abundance in whatever land they set down roots.
   As always, even after thousands of years, bees and butterflies still continue to visit the beautiful flowers no matter where the winds of autumn decided to plant their seeds - for where the flowers grew there went also the bees and butterflies in perfect harmony with the beneficial flowers, which had the pure white fragrant centers and precious seeds.

       Conclusion: No matter where the Israelites may roam, or be scattered, they will always maintain the identical pattern of the 'mother' plant.  Location is irrelevant - for home is wherever the Israelites plant their roots. The new 'holy city', i.e., Jerusalem, is in the finest of countries that have the most abundant and fruitful lands on the face of the Earth - this was a blessing given to the chosen ones as descendants of the Elohiym.
     The true Israelites will never be asked to descend backwards into blood sacrifices in barren lands - they are always to progress onward and upward - for the betterment of the whole, as well as for the benefit of all humanity on the face of the Earth, for when the Israelites prosper so does the rest of the world. If the Israelites falter and sink into a depressed state of regression, so shall the entire world. Only our enemy would want us to go backward - whereas we would lose the blessings, lose the ownership of our fertile land, and even more so, the enemy wants us to give up our birthright.  For those who have logic, reasoning, and common sense, let them see the Light of wisdom.

The New Jerusalem is wherever the Israelites [all twelve tribes] have gathered together and call that place home.
Read about the re-unification of the two houses of Israel, which took place in 1603:

THE SCATTERED TRIBES SHALL RETURN, for it is prophesied over and over again in the Bible - but return to what? Return to YHWH as their true and only God? Return to the city of Jerusalem? Return to an Arab country in the Middle East? Return to ancient Jewish laws? Return to the ancient and pagan mix of holy days? Return to the bloody sacrificing of animals? Return to a united state of brotherhood under a unified nation? Perhaps, return to Egypt? Or to the land of Ur and Sumer - where Abraham was born, - or something else altogether, or none of the above?

The Jewish scribes were under the assumption that the 'return' would be to the city of
Jerusalem, or perhaps that is what most people suppose what was inferred.  However, this is not logical, nor is it what we see happening today as reality is being played out. Sure, there are migrations to the state of Israel, but do these people [Eastern Jews, Ethiopians, Indo-'Jews', and other Eastern peoples claiming to be Hebrew, really belong to the ancient  tribes of Israel, or are they self-appointed, or 'grafted in' Jews?  If grafted, they are not actually from the tribe of Judah, nor are they from the northern kingdom, known as 'Israel' or Ephraim. The enmasse migration of these people, thought to be from Judah, to the state of Israel, are 'stand-in' or proxy Jews.

Revelation 3: 9:  ”Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

The true Israelites, i.e. Judah and Ephraim, can today be found, united and prospering, in the British Isles, Canada, America, Australia, New Zealand, etc, and the wiser among them have no intention of leaving their promised  homeland -  for they are quite appreciative of their new Jerusalem in the land of opportunity and abundance, and the Elohiym have blessed them many times over - Judah and Joseph alike.

Often quoted as the verse indicating that the Israelites were to return to the land of their fathers 'in jet planes’ is Isaiah 40:31:

"They that wait for the Lord [YHWH, indicating a particular god from the Elohiym godhead], shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; they shall walk, and not faint."

This verse speaks about the coming days when walking great distances would be a thing of the past, and had very little, if anything, to do with the fact that the Jews would return to the middle East in jet planes in the twentieth century. If that were the case, then the Israelites left Egypt in jet planes at the time of the Exodus, for Exodus 19:4 says that, "You have seen what I did to the Egyptians, and how I bore you on eagles' wings and brought you to myself."

The eagle wings used to take the Israelites out of Egypt must have crash landed in the Sinai desert because that is where these people wandered for 40 years. Or it was a slow-plane to nowhere.
'Wings' in scriptural verses can indicate many things - such as power, strength, endurance, swiftness, healing, love, migration, shelter, and can also indicate a particular people who are symbolized by the eagle - or the wings of an eagle, such as America. Ancient monuments and obelisks are covered with art depicting bulls, lions, as well as other various animals, and even people - to which the WINGS of an eagle were added to the shoulders, symbolizing strength and swiftness.

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