Joseph's coat of many colors

The 'Coat of Many Colors' that Joseph's father, Jacob, made for his favorite son has a symbolic meaning, as well as being a literal article of clothing. The story was leaving 'bread crumbs' for us to follow in order to locate the northern 'lost' tribes of
Israel and Joseph's descendants.

The hidden meaning of Joseph's colorful coat can be found in the tartan plaids of the Celtic peoples, such as the Scottish and Irish tartans. These colors are also found in the COAT OF ARMS issued by Great Britain to certain individuals for notable work or contribution. To see if your surname was given a coat of arms - click here.

Before America was colonized, Great Britain was home to the descendants of Joseph, and still is to thousands, but the descendants of Joseph eventually out-grew the borders of the British Isles and today reside in  much larger countries, such as the USA, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, as well as Scotland, England, Wales, and Ireland.

great seal of the USA

As most Biblical readers know, Joseph spent most of his life in Egypt, second in command only to Djoser [notice how that name resembles that of our subject].

Joseph's descendants still display many of their ancestors love for
Egypt in important symbology that continuously identifies them as Israelites. The Great Seal of the United States of America is an excellent example of revealing Joseph's descendants. Notice the pyramid and the all Seeing Eye - which originally signified the Eye of Horus, who was born of the 'virgin' mother, Isis. This is where the later story of the 'virgin' Mary and baby Jesus originated. Horus was, as the story goes, the son of RA. Notice too, how the name IS-RA-EL displays the letters for the parents of Horus; ISis-RA-EL [El meaning 'god'].  For more on this name, IS-RA-EL, click here.]

Joseph was an Israelite, aka Hebrew, and his children, Ephraim and Manasseh, were given the name '
Israel' by their grandfather, Jacob. The two grandsons would be tribes unto themselves with a great role to play down through history. For thousands of years, their roles would be far greater than that of Judah's role.  Ephraim and Manasseh would become the greatest force in history, and as horns of a Unicorn they would push the nations together at the end of days.


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