Have you ever tried to line two fence posts in a straight line? No matter where you put that second post it will always line up perfectly with the first one.
A 'guide' post, or a third proven point, is always needed to obtain an accurate and straight fence line for the other posts.

We all see 'truth' from our own perspective, but is it actually truth we see, or merely our own conception of truth.  Not one of us holds the rights to truth - not you, not them, and certainly not me. Then who does hold the 'rights' to absolute truth? In addition, if we do not have this right, then why do we kill, wage war, and bear false witness, to our various comprehensions of 'truth'?
   Consider the six perceptions in the image at left above - each pointing to what seems to be 'truth'. Have they, each in their own way, found a direct path to this nucleus of where truth resides? Which of the six paths are correctly aligned to the true guide post? Can we put all our money, let alone our lives, on any one of these possibilities of truth? They all seem to hit the target - surely, one of these perspectives must be correct, if not all in fact.
   However, if we could see the point of origin, which would complete the perfected picture, truth would become clearly apparent. But consequently, that true point of origin
has become obscure and vague over time, perhaps due to man's deliberate concealment of knowledge. When we lack knowledge, to make correctly our assumptions, there is no truth, and over time, that which was concealed becomes lost - or difficult to see. One man's truth becomes another man's madness. Still battles are waged, the sound of guns and cannons blast across the pages of history, all in the name of who is right, and who is wrong - based on someone's distorted definition of truth.

   Now, consider the image on the right, to which an additional element has been added to the scenario.  As we can see, all six perspectives were merely casting their beams into the darkness. Oh sure, they may be picking up partial truths, and then reflecting back enough light for dousing up a good story, but still not capturing the entire and exact facet of truth. On the other hand, if we were to have all the facts, even if this knowledge does not match what old traditional wisdom has told us for centuries, we would all receive the answers we seek.  Natural instinct, common sense, and logic would go far to serve us a large portion of pure truth.  We would know for certain there was only one direction in which truth can be found - all others would have no place in the definition of genuineness – nor would they belong in the basis of what is right and what does not belong.  What a grave travesty of humanity to base wars, hate, anger, brutality, and other immature behavior, on anything so nonsensical as religions, petrified traditions and rituals, corrupted knowledge, adulterated science, partial historical accounts, and bias determinations on 'truths' that cannot be proved nor accepted by all humankind. Still, this is what mankind has done for millennia, with not even a glimmer of correction in sight. Which generation, in our tree of lineage, will begin to release the falsehoods that have led humanity down  pathways of destruction and corruption?  Are we so inbred, over time and  acceptance, to the status quo, that we cannot seek out that one true guide post that will give us perfect alignment to the truth of our origins?