'BEL' was another name for Nibiru/Marduk/Ashur/RA/YHWH

The name Bel is Babylonian; Ashur is Assyrian; RA is Egyptian; Nibiru is Sumerian; Marduk is Babylonian; YHWH is Hebrew.  The ancient Celtic peoples used the name Bel quite often in naming place locations and people. All inference is to the same 'god/planet', but the identifying name keeps changing depending on the people and nation. Moreover, could the name change be due to the Astrological Age in which the Earth was in at the time. The Ode to Bel [below] contains many characteristics of the Age of Taurus. The characteristics of YHWH seem to mirror the pattern set for the Age of Aries. Does a new god arrive on Earth commencing with the start of a new Age, thus to usher in each new Age? Jesus, who originated somewhere around 3 BCE to 3 CE, epitomizes all the characteristics of the Age of Pisces. Who will be the new god/goddess that ushers in the upcoming Age of Aquarius? Yes, it could be a goddess this time - let's hope she/he will be a fair and just god/goddess. Scholars agree that the great Ages last for about 2160 years. This may or may not be absolutely correct -  the length of the Ages could be fewer years.

All the words in blue indicate the Age of Taurus [the bull] and it's attributes

To Bel, Lord of Wisdom

O Lord of wisdom ruler...............in your own right,
O Bel, Lord of wisdom.............ruler in your own right,
O father Bel, Lord of the lands,
O father Bel, Lord of truthful speech,

O father Bel, shepherd of the Sang-Ngiga [black-headed Babylonians],
O father Bel, who yourself opens the eyes,
O father Bel, the warrior, prince among soldiers,
O father Bel, supreme power of the land,
Bull of the corral, warrior who leads captive all the land.

O Bel, proprietor of the broad land,
Lord of creation, you are chief of the land,
The Lord whose shining oil is food for an extensive offspring,
The Lord whose edicts bind together the city,
The edict of whose dwelling place strikes down the great prince

From the land of the rising to the land of the setting sun.
O mountain, Lord of life, you are indeed Lord!
O Bel of the lands, Lord of life you yourself are Lord of life.
O mighty one, terrible one of heaven, you are guardian indeed!
O Bel, you are Lord of the gods indeed!

You are father, Bel, who cause the plants of the gardens to grow!
O Bel, your great glory may they fear!
The birds of heaven and the fish of the deep are filled with fear of you.
O father Bel, in great strength you go, prince of life, shepherd of the stars!
O Lord, the secret of production you open, the feast of fatness establish, to work you call!

Father Bel, faithful prince, mighty prince, you create the strength of life!

Taurus keywords: possessions, endurance, solidity, income, physical world substance, security, material desires, earthy [earth sign], stubborn, slow, steady, artistic, the voice, beauty, singing voice, refinement, harmony,  ruled by Venus.


From: George A. Barton, Archaeology and The Bible, 3rd Ed., (Philadelphia: American Sunday School, 1920), pp. 398-401.